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Tiny Luxembourg in the spotlight as a tax haven

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Why you hear about ‘net neutrality’ and how its affects you

A political argument in Washington involves something we use daily – Internet access. President Obama wants the government to treat all Internet traffic equally. He suggests banning higher rates to move content more quickly for massive data send...

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A study by scientists from the Netherlands found that an "intimate kiss" lasting 10 seconds transfers an average of about 80 million bacteria. "There are a number of studies that show if the diversity in bacteria increases . . . this is a good thing," one scientist said, because it helps build up your immune system response.

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Science Behind the News

NBC Learn, in partnership with he National Science Foundation, explores the science, technology, engineering and math found in current events. This 7-week series helps connect fundamental STEM topics to real-world news stories.

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Election results that can't be ignored

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Draw your own conclusions

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This week's word in the news: SPAWNING

To deposit the eggs of aquatic animals such as bivalve mollusks, fishes, and amphibians. To produce offspring in large numbers.

More than a decade ago, researchers began noticing adult coho dying before spawning in urban creeks in Seattle.
The Denver Post -- 11/17/2014

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This Weeks's lesson:
Ancient Nanotechnology

What's the connection between Notre Dame Cathedral and the cutting edge world of nanotechnology?

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-- Nov 21, 2014

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Diversity, multiculturalism, worldwide events. You'll find plenty for classroom discussions in this listing of events.

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Celebrating their 75th annual National Wildlife Week the National Wildlife Federation's longest-running education program is designed to teach kids about the wonders of nature and inspire their interest in spending more time outdoors. Students and teachers will benefit from the many downloadable lesson plans, posters, and trading cards perfect for classrooms to explore "tree"-mendous wildlife species.

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