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Persian Gulf state accused of funding Islamic fighters

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Strong arm: Mo’ne Davis, 13, becomes a national baseball star with her blazing fastball

America has a new sports celebrity who's 13, has waist-length braids and throws a fastball into the strike zone at more than 70 m.p.h. Mo'ne Davis of Philadelphia is the first girl to pitch a shutout in the Little League World Series and last we...

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When a man fainted in a crowded subway car in Shanghai, other passengers fled in a mad dash and left the man lying on the floor. The passengers' reaction was criticized by many Chinese, but one blogger wrote, “People have been strained ... as terrorist attacks have been widespread all over the world... a stranger’s abrupt collapse can trigger every frightened person to flee from the scene."

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Who doesn’t like to eat?

Turn the fun of food into a great science experience to start off the school year using a new science content reading Is there a gene for liking broccoli? and an accompanying activity Taste this!

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Do 'combat police' create respect or fear?

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This week's word in the news: NOXIOUS

Physically harmful or destructive to living beings

Supporters say a statewide bag ban is needed to wipe out a particularly noxious form of litter that kills marine life in the Pacific Ocean and costs Californians $25 million a year to collect and bury.
The San Jose Mercury-News -- 08/25/2014

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Big Horn Sheep - Finding

Big Horn Sheep spend the first several months of their lamb's life high up on rock canyon ledges before finally coming down for water.

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-- Aug 28, 2014

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Diversity, multiculturalism, worldwide events. You'll find plenty for classroom discussions in this listing of events.

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