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Bosnian villagers cheer as NASA lands rover on Mars

France sees baby bust after COVID-19 lockdown

Myanmar falls to a military coup d’etat

Taiwan warned that independence 'means war'

Sri Lanka official who promoted 'Covid syrup' tests positive

Joe the pigeon is spared the death sentence in Australia

Billions in ‘Brexit compensation’ demanded for Scotland

Volcano alerts issued on 2 islands in the Lesser Antilles

Mount Everest is 3 feet taller, says Nepal

Honduras president seeks storm aid and warns of migration surge

North Korea’s leader reported worried about COVID-19 and Biden

Ireland responds quickly to save a beloved zoo

Ethiopia conflict spills over its border

Denmark will kill all of its farmed mink because of coronavirus

Earthquake in Aegean Sea hits feuding neighbors

Dozens die in police brutality protests in Nigeria

2 West African presidents reject term limits

13 charged in plot to kidnap Michigan governor

Malta lets 7-year-old prince keep his shark’s tooth

Pandemic strands Pacific islanders 2,600 miles away from home

Caribbean nation of Barbados plans to fire the queen

Fires ravage refugee camp on Greece’s island of Lesbos

African migrants head for Canary Islands

Russians hold war games in the Bering Sea

Wisconsin and North Carolina lose convention booms to pandemic