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Constitution Day: Denmark. This day commemorates Denmarkis adoption of a constitutional monarchy in 1849, ending absolute rule by the monarchy.

Shavuoth (Festival of Weeks): Jewish. Shavuoth, taking place seven weeks after Passover, is the festival of the first fruits, and the weeks between are the most important in the harvesting season. The holiday is also celebrated in commemoration of the day when Moses received the Torah and the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai.

Alfred Kazin (1915-1998): Jewish American. Writer, critic, teacher. Born of immigrant parents, Kazin attended the City College of New York, receiving both his bacheloris and masteris degrees in English. In 1942, Kazin published his first book, entitled On Native Ground. A wide-ranging review of the history of American literature from William Dean Howells to William Faulkner, the book set a new standard for literary criticism. Kazin continued to write many articles and essays, as well as novels and literary criticism. His works include the postwar novel, A Walker in the City, and literary volumes such as A Writeris America and God and the American Writer.

National Day: Sweden. This day commemorates Swedenis gaining independence from Denmark and the ascension to the throne of King Gustavus in 1523.

Leroy (Satchel) Paige (1906-1982): Baseball player. Perhaps the most talented baseball player in the history of the game, Paige became a legend for his showmanship, his fast ball, and his longevity. Beginning in the 1920s in the Black leagues, Paige played some 2,500 professional games, of which he won at least 2,000; 250 of these were shutouts, and 45 were no-hitters. In 1948, after the integration of major league baseball, Paige signed with the Cleveland Indians. In 1952, as a pitcher for the St. Louis Browns, he was named to the American League All-Stars. This is the date of his death.

Portuguese National Day: Portugal. This national holiday commemorates the death in 1580 of Luis Vaz de Camoes, author of the greatest literary work in Portuguese, the epic poem Os Lusiadas.

Queenis Birthday: Australia. This holiday honors the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Canada, and Australia. As queen of both England and Australia, Elizabeth II is head of state and represented by the governor general. This holiday is not celebrated in *Western Australia. *