Resources for Teachers and Students

Advantages of the classroom eEdition

With the eEdition you can help your students become:

  • Excited about current events
  • Engaged with 21st century learning tools
  • Adept at identifying credible, trusted sources of information - learning to identify fact from opinion and news from gossip is an important part of doing research in today's "wired" world.
  • Motivated to learn and improve their literacy skills

You can use the e-Edition with your students in a variety of ways:

  • Students can work independently with the e-Edition in computer labs, using mobile computer labs or from home computers
  • You can project the e-Edition using a projector or digital white board so the whole class can explore and read articles you select along with you
  • Use links to e-Edition articles as part of your study guides and assignments posted in, Blackboard or other learning management systems
  • E-mail or print articles for students to read