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June 27, 2017 : Bronco time!

CK sits down this week with Bronco star Von Miller to talk about kids and sports. We also take a look at a film and a new exhibit at the Museum of Nature and Science, two books -- one fiction, one non-fiction -- and talk about the other side of free speech for students. Add a look at sunscreens and flushable wipes that aren't, plus the last chapter of our serial, and you've got lots of reasons to read CK this week!
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June 20, 2017 : Enterprising entrepreneurs

This week, CK talks to three people who started their own businesses and have advice for you about the topic. We also get a look at "The Book of Henry" and three worthwhile books. We'll examine your constitutional rights as a student, and answer (sort of) the important question, "Will french fries make you die sooner?" Add a giant prehistoric flying turkey and you've got lots of reasons to read CK!
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June 13, 2017 : CK offers some friendly advice

This week, we offer advice on how to find a loyal friend, as well as where to see some incredible circus acts! We also have a couple of reviews of good books and a warning about chicken-snuggling, as well as news about superdrugs and a way for kids to find free food when they need it. Another chapter of Tommy and the Guttersnipe and you've got plenty of reasons to read CK this week!
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June 06, 2017 : Two Big Movies!

CK gives you the low-down this week on "Wonder Woman" and "Captain Underpants," two of the biggest movies of the summer, as well as a magic show that was here recently. We also take a look at some goats who are making life better for people in Uganda and get a very close-up view of Jupiter, and, of course, continue to follow Tommy and Baby Jake in the streets of New York!
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