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May 21, 2019 : Romance, Broadcasting, Wildfires

This week, we enjoy a romantic movie about young people, then go to LA to learn about television journalism and down to Mexico City where wildfires are polluting the city. We'll also review an interesting history book and a fun novel, find out how Philadelphia got people to stop drinking so much soda, get some good news about methane gas, and try to keep a poisoned princess alive.
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May 14, 2019 : An Ugly Movie, an Awesome Exhibit

CK reviews "UglyDolls" this week, and visits the DMNS's new exhibit on your senses. We also review a pair of books, talk about the fast at Ramadan, discover a new type of recyclable plastic and find out why you shouldn't make your own cat food. Meanwhile, in "The Crown and the Colliers," something goes terribly wrong
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May 07, 2019 : Let's go out and play!

CK reviews some outside toys this week because that's what time of year it is! We also check out some new books -- two very good ones, one disappointment -- and celebrate "Be Kind to Animals Week." We'll also learn why Indonesia wants to move its capital city, why you shouldn't wash your chicken and who that Tall woman is who travels with the Short rebels!
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April 30, 2019 : Endgame!

CK goes to the biggest movie of the year and offers a spoiler-free review. We also take a look at this summer's YOBOD book, a graphic novel with crafts you can do at home, and we'll take you to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to try out their Virtual Reality Arcade. If that's not enough, we've got some book reviews, health news from Africa and garbage news (really!) from the Philippines.
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