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September 17, 2019 : Up Up and Away with CK!

This week, we travel to the Labor Day Lift Off in Colorado Springs and roam through the Stanley Arts Festival in Aurora, then take a look at a new book, learn why JK Rowling isn't always on the list of wealthy people and meet Dobby's new friend at the zoo!
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September 10, 2019 : An Environmental Test

While US states and cities talk about plastic bag litter, Kenya banned the bags nearly three years ago. CK Reporter Nandi Strieker went there and reports on how it's working. We've also got a report from the National Spelling Bee and information on Michigan's ban on flavored vape oils and why YouTube was fined. And our writers review two books in popular series and a pair of toys you might be considering.
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September 03, 2019 : CK and the New Year

We say goodbye to two of our 14-year-olds this week, one of whom tells of her becoming an adult, the other who reminds us to unplug and enjoy nature. We also review some books and a fun toy for playing war, then learn about a secret spaceplane, an important opioid lawsuit and the fires in the Amazon. Come get ready for International Vulture Awareness Day with us!
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August 27, 2019 : Adult Entertainment!

This week, we go up to Central City for a serious, grownup entertainment: A real opera, set in Japan, sung in Italian and performed in Colorado! We'll also review several books, one of which you don't have to read to yourself, and we'll also get some very good news about polio and some not-so-good news about bananas, then remember the largest, most destructive volcanic eruption in modern history!
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