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November 14, 2017 : CK in the museum, the movies and space!

This week, CK goes to an exhibition at the Denver Art Museum, hears an astronaut tell about space travel and sees the new Thor movie. If that's not enough, we get a look at a gigantic My Little Pony toy, learn about the Great American Smokeout and some mosquito-killing mosquitos and find out about a NASA naming contest. And Theseus and Ariadne finally face the dreaded Minotaur!
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November 07, 2017 : Cattle in Colorado

Did you know that agriculture is the 2nd largest industry in Colorado? Tourism is #1 because lots of people like to visit our great state and spend money on hotels, food and activities. But agriculture is here every day as part of our state and our livelihood.
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October 31, 2017 : It's Halloween!

We've got some monstrously fun stuff this week, starting with a look at an odd but wonderful new exhibit at the Denver Art Museum and two reviews of movies you'll want to thing about seeing. We've also got a pair of book reviews, one of a fictional person, one of a non-fictional one, both famous, plus the story of the first Jack O'Lantern. And we'll tell you where your pennies for UNICEF go, and, get ready, because this is when the action begins in Ariadne's story!
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October 24, 2017 : Laughs, Dinosaurs and Toys

We begin this week with a hilarious musical play, and a display of very different dinosaurs you've probably never seen. We'll also review an action novel and some new things from American Girl, then talk about the volcano under Yellowstone Park, how alligators are eating sharks (really!) and get a look at Lego's new "Women of NASA" mini-figures. Plus Ariadne decides to risk her life helping Theseus!
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