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October 17, 2017 : Young business people recognized

CK goes to the Young America's Youthbiz Convention, looks at two books and an important movie, and continues our holiday reviews with a look at
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October 10, 2017 : The Holidays Get Started

CK is getting into the holiday spirit with toy reviews to help you make good choices for gift-giving (or for what you ask people to give you!). We also talk about preparing for emergencies and about how our readers feel about singing, plus how cats are becoming an environmental hazard in Australia (and here!). And, of course, we have another chapter of Ariadne's story, all this week in CK!
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October 03, 2017 : Perseverance, fashion and driving

This week, CK meets a young man who has learned to keep going despite some tough challenges. We'll also go to the Middle East, where Saudi Arabian women have finally been given the right to drive cars and to Dubai, where a new science center will study Mars. We'll see a movie that was great and a toy that wasn't, as well as meeting a giant rat and, in the latest chapter of our serial, a Greek hero.
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September 26, 2017 : Authors and Lizards and Talking Ponies

This week, CK meets author R.L. Stine and author/illustrator Marc Brown to talk about their new book. We'll also have a taste of Thai rolled ice cream, review a new My Little Pony toy, look at a couple of books, meet a very not-scary lizard and learn about problems with elections in Kenya. Plus, Princess Ariadne gets her first look at the Greek hero, Theseus.
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