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August 22, 2017 : Professional photos or your own

CK goes to an important photo exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, and also shows you a hike where you could take some pics yourself! We also review three books you might enjoy, share some good news about bongos (what?), warn you about your sleep habits and remind you of how to stay computer-safe now that school is starting up.
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August 15, 2017 : Preserving Colorado’s heritage

The program began in 2007 in Colorado, and summits now take place in Texas, New Mexico, and other areas as well. These one-week summits for students 12 to 18, while differing slightly from year to year and place to place, have a common theme throughout: preservation.
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August 08, 2017 : Dogs, drama and shooting stars

CK goes off in several directions this week, with a look at how service dogs are trained, a review of a recent play and a look at the Denver Zoo's newest young star, plus a reminder of how to prepare for the eclipse. We also reviewed a graphic novel, examined some health claims about coffee and continued to make things difficult for General Burgoyne as he works to stop the American Revolution.
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July 31, 2017 : Youth Journalism Day, 2017

Speakers from Metro State’s journalism program and working journalists from regional media provided 75 participants in the Denver Post Education Program’s annual Youth Journalism Day a grounding in reporting and photography.
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