English as a Second Language / English Language Learners

This guide was produced through a collaboration with the Colorado Department of Education and The Denver Post.

It distinguishes itself in many ways from newspaper activities that can be found in other ESL textbooks or on the internet. The special features of our guide are:

  • Activities are organized by life skill topics - The 111 classroom activities are organized according to six life skill competency areas typically taught in adult ESL programs plus three general topics.

The life skill topics are: Consumer Economics, Employment, Community Services, Health, Housing, and Transportation. The three general topics are: Using Newspapers, Just Language, and Potpourri.

  • Ready-made activities - All activities include clear, step-by-step teacher instructions and materials lists. Where appropriate, activities have ready-made reproducible student worksheets so a busy teacher can just grab-and-go.
  • Student Performance Levels (SPL) are indicated for each activity - SPLs are indicated to guide teachers in matching an activity to the proficiency level of learners. Teachers will find lots of newspaper activities appropriate for ESL learners from beginners to advanced. The curriculum guide includes an index of activities by SPLs for quick reference.
  • CASAS competencies are indicated - When a newspaper activity addresses a CASAS competency, the competency number is listed on the teacher’s instruction page. The curriculum guide includes an index of activities by CASAS competency numbers for quick reference.
  • Take-home tasks are described for all in-class activities - Teachers won’t need to think of homework ideas; each activity has a suggested at-home extension for adult ESL learners.
  • Inter-generational literacy activities are provided - Each activity comes with ideas for newspaper activities that adult learners can do at home with their children ages 2-10.
  • Activities were written and field tested by active ESL practitioners - ESL classroom teachers in four Colorado AEFLA programs wrote the activity instructions and tested each activity with learners in their classrooms.

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