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March 13, 2019 : All About Owls

The Mini Page is a syndicated, four-page tabloid written for young children found each Wednesday in The Denver Post. This issue of The Mini Page is available through the eEdition Archive to registered eEdition subscribers

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1. Make a web about owls. Draw a circle in the center of a piece of paper. Then draw threecircles around the center circle. Draw a line from each circle to the center circle. Write OWLSin the center circle. In one circle, write what owls eat. In another, write words that describe owls. In the third, write interesting facts about owls.

2. Look at pictures in the newspaper. Put a star on a picture that shows where you might find an owl. Explain your choices.

3. With a friend, go through the newspaper and circle words that describe owls. To make a game, each of you takes a section of the newspaper. Set a five-minute time limit. See who can find the most words in five minutes.

4. How are these related to owls: (a) immovable eyes, (b) soft wings, (c) small animals and (d) talons?

5. Pretend you are going to talk to your class about owls. You are going to use a slide show or PowerPoint. Draw squares to represent your slides. Then draw pictures and write text about owls on each slide. Include at least six slides in your presentation.

Mini Page activities meet many state and national educational standards. Each week we identify standards that relate to The Mini Page content and offer activities that will help your students reach them.

This week's standard:
Students understand the interactions of animals and their environments. (Science: Life Science)

(standards by Dr. Sherrye D. Garrett, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi)

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