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April 24, 2019 : Spring’s Flowering Trees

The Mini Page is a syndicated, four-page tabloid written for young children found each Wednesday in The Denver Post. This issue of The Mini Page is available through the eEdition Archive to registered eEdition subscribers

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1. Draw your favorite kind of tree on a piece of paper. Paste newspaper words around your picture that describe the tree and tell why it is important.

2. In the newspaper, circle words or pictures of items that grow on trees. How many different items did you find?

3. Look for pictures of trees in the newspaper (they may be in the background of pictures of people or events). Circle the tree and write down how it is helping the environment --use the list in today’s Mini Page for ideas.

4. How are these important to flowering trees: (a) animals, (b) pollination, (c) mild winters and (d) Nebraska?

5. Think about a place where a tree or trees are part of your life --your yard, the neighborhood, a nearby park or a public space. Write a personal reflection on how that tree affects your life. Think about what the tree is like in different seasons. You might include a sentence about why you appreciate the tree.

Mini Page activities meet many state and national educational standards. Each week we identify standards that relate to The Mini Page content and offer activities that will help your students reach them.

This week's standard:
Students understand the characteristics and life cycles of organisms. (Science: Life Science)

(standards by Dr. Sherrye D. Garrett, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi)

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