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May 01, 2019 : Study of Life

The Mini Page is a syndicated, four-page tabloid written for young children found each Wednesday in The Denver Post. This issue of The Mini Page is available through the eEdition Archive to registered eEdition subscribers

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1. Write the letters D-A-V-I-N-C-I down the left side of a piece of paper. Find newspaper words that begin with those letters and describe Leonardo da Vinci and paste them next to the appropriate letters. Share your choices with friends.

2. Find three people in the newspaper whom Leonardo might like to meet. Explain your choices.

3. Find a story or ad that would interest Leonardo in these sections of the newspaper: international/national news, entertainment, sports.

4. How were these important to Leonardo da Vinci: (a) the Louvre, (b) Duke Ludovico Sforza, (c) mirror writing and (d) Andrea del Verrocchio?

5. Create an informational brochure a museum could hand out about Leonardo da Vinci. Fold a piece of paper in thirds,creating three sections. Write facts about da Vinci in the different sections.

Mini Page activities meet many state and national educational standards. Each week we identify standards that relate to The Mini Page content and offer activities that will help your students reach them.

This week's standard:
Students use biographies and stories to understand the individuals who are honored by the nation. (Social Studies: History)

(standards by Dr. Sherrye D. Garrett, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi)

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