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Painful impact of partial federal shutdown grows in week five, and so does pressure to end it --01/21/2019

Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas previews amazing, useful, wacky devices heading to stores --01/14/2019

The year ahead: These topics and events will make front page news in 2019 --01/07/2019

Tech and electronic gifts: See what deserves spots on your holiday list --12/17/2018

Here’s why you'll hear more about 'smart cities' and may live in one now --12/10/2018

Survival strategies: Newspapers and other journalism providers explore new ways to stay in business --12/03/2018

Touchdown on Mars: Spacecraft starts measuring planet's 'vital signs' this week --11/26/2018

Severe California wildfires show impact of drought and hotter, drier summers there --11/19/2018

Democracy in action: Voters change the political balance in Congress for two years --11/12/2018

Nationwide decision day: Congressional, state and local elections are Tuesday --11/05/2018

Tense week ends with arrest of suspect accused of mailing explosives to Obama, CNN, others --10/29/2018

Saudi Arabia’s role in journalist’s death at its diplomatic site provokes global attention --10/22/2018

'Final call:' UN climate study delivers a stark, urgent warning for world leaders --10/15/2018

New review of global research links violent video games to misbehavior potential --10/08/2018

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to Supreme Court turns into an extended drama --10/01/2018

The U.S. Space Force could be a sixth military branch – if this bold idea gains altitude --09/24/2018

A book by Bob Woodward and an insider’s anonymous essay give behind-scenes White House views --09/17/2018

Senate hearing on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh shows Washington's sharp political split --09/10/2018

Bold firearms idea from the U.S. education secretary stirs a debate about safeguarding schools --09/03/2018

Practical back-to-school items include reusable notebooks, device chargers and digital tablets --08/27/2018

Tributes to legendary singer Aretha Franklin praise the cultural impact of her half-century career --08/20/2018

‘Year of the Woman:’ More female candidates win nominations and have a larger role across the country --08/13/2018

High-profile case: Paul Manafort’s federal trial is a critical step by special prosecutor looking at 2016 election mischief --08/06/2018

Teen climate change activists turn a sense of urgency, justice and personal impact into action --07/30/2018

Backpedaling: News about American-Russian relations is dizzying lately --07/23/2018

Perils of play: Video gaming disorder gets attention from global health group --07/16/2018

Lifetime job: Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court justice --07/09/2018

Americans need to pay closer attention to what we toss in recycling bins --06/25/2018

Dismissal of Trump-satirizing newspaper cartoonist raises concerns and stirs an outcry --06/18/2018

‘Flotation therapy’ – an increasingly popular way to ease stress and focus the mind --06/11/2018

Summer sampler: Preview of high-interest movies, TV shows and music coming this season --06/04/2018

Bold idea: Texas school shooting spurs talk of pupil boycotts nationwide in September --05/28/2018

Turning point: Royal wedding marks a historic ‘changing of the guard’ in Britain --05/21/2018

When the earth erupts: Hawaiian emergency shows a volcano's awesome power --05/14/2018

Mission to Mars: Spacecraft will measure the planet’s ‘vital signs’ for first time --05/07/2018

Series of college controversies focus fresh attention on fraternity misdeeds and risks --04/30/2018

Starbucks earns respect with quick, apologetic responses to a racial incident in Philadelphia --04/23/2018

Facebook founder delivers damage-control testimony as Congress considers limits on the social media giant --04/16/2018

Presidential tweets slap Amazon over its Postal Service deals – and maybe for another reason --04/09/2018

NASA plans summer launch for a long-distance research trip by the Parker Solar Probe --04/02/2018

Latest Facebook uproar is over diversion of users’ data for 2016 Trump campaign --03/26/2018

U.S. and others explore ways to reduce space clutter that poses risks in orbit --03/19/2018

U.S. move against foreign metal competition shows Republican disagree on free trade vs. import tariffs --03/12/2018

Giving ‘sanctuary:’ California mayor’s raid warning to immigrants dramatizes opposition to federal actions --03/05/2018

More than movies are in focus at Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday night --02/26/2018

‘Black Panther’ makes a big impact on movie screens and beyond --02/19/2018

‘We want a new space race,’ says the man behind historic Falcon Heavy launch --02/12/2018

Get set to cheer skaters, skiers, ice dancers, boarders, bobsledders and other Olympians in South Korea --02/05/2018

In Cape Town, South Africa, the need for water rationing – and rain -- are urgent --01/29/2018

The federal government investigated mysterious sky sightings as possible visitors from outer space --01/22/2018

Annual electronics show introduces the latest amazing, useful and wacky devices --01/15/2018

Thousands of Americans are reading ‘Fire and Fury,’ a book the president didn’t want us to see --01/08/2018

The year ahead: These topics and events will be on front pages during 2018 --01/02/2018

Tech and electronic gifts: See what's new and imaginative for this month’s holidays --12/11/2017

Sport or shame? President considers whether U.S. hunters can bring home elephant trophies from Africa --12/04/2017

Drinking deaths and other concerns bring restrictions on college fraternities at four campuses --11/27/2017

A starting whistle blows this week for holiday shopping online and in stores --11/20/2017

Get used to cars without drivers because they're starting to roll out of labs and onto streets --11/13/2017

Congress pushes social media firms to block foreign election mischief on their influential sites --11/06/2017

‘Reckless, outrageous and undignified:’ 3 Republican senators and an ex-president speak out about Donald Trump --10/30/2017

New evidence of huge stars colliding long ago excites astronomers --10/23/2017

‘What Happened:’ Hillary Clinton revisits Campaign ’16 in her book and national tour --10/16/2017

‘Democracy on the line:’ Supreme Court considers what’s legal when politicians redraw election district maps --10/09/2017

As Puerto Rico struggles after devastating hurricane, Trump feels backlash about pace of help --10/02/2017

Another climate change impact: Solidly frozen Alaskan permafrost is thawing --09/25/2017

Scientists urge changes to ease impact of what flows down the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico --09/18/2017

Eye-opening new book explores how phones and tablets affect ‘today’s super-connected kids’ --09/11/2017

As Houston works to recover from hurricane, possible role of climate change is studied --09/04/2017

New approach for a persistent, costly U.S. challenge: What to do in Afghanistan? --08/28/2017

Volley of threats between North Korea and U.S. cool down after tense exchanges --08/21/2017

There goes the sun: Solar eclipse over U.S. next week is a big deal – and not just for astronomers --08/14/2017

Venezuela is pulled away from democracy as president grabs more power and arrests critics --08/07/2017

Microchip hand implants for workers are real, not a sci-fi movie --07/31/2017

Massive split in Antarctic ice shelf draws attention, but not alarm, from glacier experts --07/24/2017

Newspapers try a new tactic in economic tussle with Google and Facebook --07/17/2017

President Trump keeps using the news media as a frequent punching bag --07/10/2017

Crusaders with clout: Tech field billionaires donate big-time to improve U.S. schools --06/26/2017

Rifle fire at U.S. House baseball practice: Gun debate suddenly is more personal for Congress --06/19/2017

Not Harvard-worthy after all: Social media missteps are costly for at least 10 high school grads --06/12/2017

U.S. pullout undercuts global climate agreement aimed at protecting planet --06/05/2017

History and healing: Civil War generals come off their pedestals in the South --05/29/2017

Department stores and malls may be an endangered species as more of us shop online --05/22/2017

Trump dismissal of FBI director James Comey will have long-lasting political and maybe legal fallout --05/15/2017

‘Smart driving’ apps keep new motorists safety-conscious and keep parents more at ease --05/08/2017

Symbolic benchmark: President Trump and others look at his first 100 days in office --05/01/2017

Bleached-out coral, a climate change sign, alarms scientists for a second straight year --04/24/2017

Reusable rockets save money and are likely to open a new era in space --04/17/2017

Rhetoric and reality: Coal industry ‘recovery’ may be easier said than done --04/10/2017

Upcoming repeal of federal Internet privacy safeguards will affect us all --04/03/2017

Modern dinosaurs? Sears and Kmart, old school retail chains, may be doomed --03/27/2017

President’s budget starts debate over proposed military boost and deep cuts elsewhere --03/20/2017

March Madness: Being a college basketball fan can be contagious this time of year --03/13/2017

'Hidden Figures,' a hit film about NASA pioneers, is entertainment that educates and inspires --03/06/2017

The president’s team: Six cabinet seats remain empty more than a month after Trump took office --02/27/2017

A big U.S. employment challenge comes from automation, not just foreign competition --02/20/2017

High school students value First Amendment safeguards on speech and media, survey shows --02/13/2017

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch awaits Senate review and confirmation vote --02/06/2017

Trump temporarily bans all refugees, plus citizens from 7 nations with Muslim majorities --01/30/2017

Climate data from 2016 shows need to reduce fossil fuel emissions, experts say --01/23/2017

Presidential swearing-in: Ceremonies, parade and dancing on a historic Friday in Washington, D.C. --01/16/2017

Fake news, Part 2: How to be a smart reader who isn’t tricked by viral nonsense --01/09/2017

Fake news, Part 1: Made-up stories shared widely online can have a real impact, 2016 events show --01/02/2017

Energy and environment: Tribe wins North Dakota oil pipeline fight -- for now --12/12/2016

Donald Trump’s media criticisms and provocative tweets push journalists to explore different coverage --12/05/2016

Fidel Castro, longtime leader of Cuba’s Communist revolution, dies at age 90 in Havana --11/28/2016

Bargain-hunters will bolt from Thanksgiving tables to catch holiday gift sales --11/21/2016

These issues and plans are atop Donald Trump’s agenda as our next president prepares to lead --11/14/2016

Election drama beyond the presidential race: Which party will have a U.S. Senate majority next term? --11/07/2016

World Series has extra drama as the Cubs and Indians each struggle to end many decades without a championship --10/31/2016

Election security: Mischief can't sway presidential vote outcome, officials insist --10/24/2016

New space race: Two companies compete to offer Mars ‘tourism’ flights in coming decades --10/17/2016

A Nobel Prize salutes scientists who create tiny molecular devices -- ‘the world’s smallest machines’ --10/10/2016

Washington’s newest museum celebrates African American history and culture --10/03/2016

Face-to-face: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spar Monday in the first of three debates --09/26/2016

Climate change: Rising oceans already have a soggy impact in some coastal U.S. cities --09/19/2016

Protests on the Plains: Oil pipeline project near Indian reservation spurs demonstrations and legal fight --09/12/2016

New study of dogs’ brains may change -- or confirm -- your view of their intelligence --09/05/2016

Evidence of an Earth-like planet sounds like science fiction, but isn’t --08/29/2016

See what’s fresh in styles, accessories and electronic learning for the new school year --08/22/2016

Catch ’em all: Pokémon Go is a viral summer craze that keeps growing --08/15/2016

Two-week drama: Back-and-forth between Donald Trump and heroic soldier’s parents --08/08/2016

The games begin: World’s top amateur athletes go for Summer Olympics gold in Brazil --08/01/2016

Hillary Clinton and Sen. Tim Kaine, her ticket mate, are in Democratic convention spotlight this week --07/25/2016

Republican convention makes Donald Trump’s presidential nomination official this week --07/18/2016

‘Mega-ships’ can use Panama Canal now, a big time-saver for U.S.-Asia trade --07/11/2016

British exit: Voters favor quitting the European Union, an economic-political coalition formed 24 years ago --06/27/2016

‘Net neutrality’ court decision bars ‘fast lanes’ and ‘slow lanes’ for different web content --06/20/2016

Breakthrough: Hillary Clinton will be the first female major party nominee for U.S. president --06/13/2016

Muhammad Ali, mourned with sweeping tributes, was much more than a boxing champ --06/06/2016

Cheaters: Doping crackdown may keep Russian athletes, others out of Olympics --05/30/2016

President’s week in Asia includes visit to Hiroshima, where atomic warfare began 70 years ago --05/23/2016

Bathroom choice becomes a focal point for transgender rights backers and opponents --05/16/2016

On to November: Trump vs. Clinton presidential race appears virtually certain now --05/09/2016

Modern pioneers: Two Swiss pilots take solar plane around the world without fuel --05/02/2016

Harriet Tubman will be the new face of $20 bills as paper money gets more diverse --04/25/2016

Bleached-out coral shows alarming impact of warmer oceans --04/18/2016

Futuristic vision: Virtual reality headsets take videos, training and gaming to a new level --04/11/2016

End of an era: Sea World yields to critics of killer whale shows, which will change --04/04/2016

Supreme Court seat showdown: Republican senators vow to block President Obama’s nominee --03/28/2016

President Obama visits Havana this week as the next step in closer U.S.-Cuba relations --03/21/2016

Legal standoff between Apple and FBI involves iPhone privacy and mass shooting investigation --03/14/2016

Presidential campaign: Republican and Democratic nomination races are lively --03/07/2016

Uber driver charged in Michigan shootings adds to concerns about the ride service --02/29/2016

Political showdown: Will the Republican-led Senate let the president fill Supreme Court opening? --02/22/2016

The pope and the patriarch: Two Christian religions take a step to bridge nearly 1,000 years of separation --02/15/2016

Undrinkable water in Flint, Mich., is a signal of health risks from old lead pipes in other cities --02/08/2016

Super Bowl 50: A veteran quarterback (Peyton Manning) and a young star (Cam Newton) face off Sunday --02/01/2016

All-white acting nominees for movie Oscars revive a national discussion --01/25/2016

The actor and the fugitive: Sean Penn's Rolling Stone interview with 'El Chapo' has critics --01/18/2016

Annual tech event showcases amazing, useful and wacky electronic devices --01/11/2016

The year ahead: Here’s some of what will make front page news during 2016 --01/04/2016

Protecting the planet: Nations pledge to cut fossil fuels and expand use of cleaner energy --12/14/2015

New era for U.S. military: Gender no longer blocks women from infantry or other combat roles --12/07/2015

New way to roll: Motorized balance boards are glitzy, costly and a target of concerns --11/30/2015

Scary times: More than 30 governors resist federal plans to bring Syrian war refugees --11/23/2015

Evidence of cheating by Russian athletes could block some from 2016 Olympics --11/16/2015

Screen time: See what digital media students typically look at and for how long --11/09/2015

Obama takes new military step to fight ISIS extremist group in Syria --11/02/2015

Health concerns lead to steady slide in soda drinking by U.S. students and adults --10/26/2015

Why the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is a big deal for our country --10/19/2015

‘The Martian’ movie and a real-life NASA discovery put Mars in the news --10/12/2015

Injury risks and slipping interest reshape high school football’s status in some districts --10/05/2015

VW trickery on exhaust tests creates a cloud over all ‘clean diesel’ vehicles --09/28/2015

Inspiring guest: Pope Francis begins six-day U.S. visit Tuesday --09/21/2015

Queen Elizabeth's 63 years as Great Britain's monarch set a historic record --09/14/2015

Searching for safety: Hundreds of thousands make historic European migration from war zones --09/07/2015

Backlash: Presidential hopeful Donald Trump antagonizes Hispanic voters and media --08/31/2015

Barrier falls: First female Army Rangers show that strength comes in both genders --08/24/2015

In the forecast: Extra warmth and wetness from a strong ‘El Nino’ weather pattern --08/17/2015

Jon Stewart, a TV funnyman with a serious edge, earns wide praise as 16-year run ends --08/10/2015

Is it a movie or real life? Learning the difference is entertaining -- and educational --08/03/2015

Biochemist’s sexist remarks at science conference shine attention on gender bias in labs --07/27/2015

Distant frontier: Nine-year trip to Pluto delivers historic photos and data --07/20/2015

Millennial generation dominates America’s population, new figures show --07/13/2015

Flag lowering: S.C. church attack widens opposition to Confederate symbol --06/29/2015

‘Jurassic World:’ Hit film feeds interest in dinosaurs, but be careful what you believe --06/22/2015

U.S. team chances remain alive in women's World Cup matches --06/15/2015

Massive bribe charges rock world soccer federation, unseating its leader --06/08/2015

Hacked: Online thieves embarrass U.S. agency by swiping data for 104,000 taxpayers --06/01/2015

See why the Twitter newcomer behind @POTUS is ‘a big deal’ --05/25/2015

Expect a cooler and wetter summer because of the 'El Nino' weather pattern --05/18/2015

New electricity source: Carmaker develops batteries strong enough to power homes --05/11/2015

Baltimore works to address tensions over a man’s death in police custody --05/04/2015

Cosmic discoveries: NASA marks 25 years of Hubble Space Telescope payoffs --04/27/2015

President Obama brings us closer to restoring ties with Cuba --04/20/2015

A mighty beast deserves to get back the name Brontosaurus, scientists say --04/13/2015

Outcry over ‘religious freedom’ law in Indiana prompts a quick change --04/06/2015

Crusade calls for changing $20 bills to add first woman on U.S. paper currency --03/30/2015

Israel votes to keep its prime minister, whose campaign tactics strain relations with U.S. --03/23/2015

How Hillary Clinton got in email trouble and why it matters --03/16/2015

1.1 billion young people risk hearing loss from loud music --03/09/2015

Cartoon-like emojis soon will look as diverse as their text messaging users around the world --03/02/2015

Oceans at risk: Overfishing, other threats endanger a critical resource --02/23/2015

Career setback for NBC anchor Brian Williams: Memory slip or deliberate war coverage fibs? --02/16/2015

As measles outbreaks grow, Americans discuss parental rights vs. community safety --02/09/2015

If you crave pizza right now, this nutrition news may not seem tasty --02/02/2015

Super Bowl brings Seahawks-Patriots showdown -- and an 'ad bowl' --01/26/2015

Jury-picking is under way in Boston Marathon deadly bombing trial --01/19/2015

Keystone XL Pipeline debate involves oil, safety, energy policy and – mainly – politics --01/12/2015

2015 news agenda: Here's some of what we'll see this year --01/05/2015

Holiday tech gifts include new phone gadgets, app-driven robot, LEGO Technic, Skylanders tablet game --12/15/2014

Police body cameras are pushed in wake of deaths sparking protests across U.S. --12/08/2014

Calorie totals are coming to vending machines, popcorn counters and restaurants so we can eat smarter --12/01/2014

Here comes the holiday shopping frenzy – with resistance to Thanksgiving Day sales --11/24/2014

Why you hear about ‘net neutrality’ and how its affects you --11/17/2014

Why ‘net neutrality’ is in the news and how it affects you --11/17/2014

Space place crash makes trips by 'tourist' astronauts seem further out there --11/10/2014

Here’s why midterm elections Tuesday in all states are important --11/03/2014

Cable TV and dish antennas lose popularity as digital streaming expands --10/27/2014

Federal response to Ebola grows as missteps spread concern --10/20/2014

Video games can lift young players’ mood and social skills if not used excessively, new study suggests --10/13/2014

University of Michigan football controversy renews focus on concussion risks --10/06/2014

Millions of miles from Earth, a U.S. spacecraft orbits Mars to explore its atmosphere --09/29/2014

Auto racing goes green: Battery-powered cars reach 140 mph in new Formula E series --09/22/2014

Videogame ‘athletes:’ Are you college scholarship material? --09/15/2014

Meet an extinct beast: Newly identified dinosaur had a 37-foot neck, 30-foot tail --09/08/2014

E-cigarettes prompt new health concerns about young users, targeted with ads and flavors --09/01/2014

Strong arm: Mo’ne Davis, 13, becomes a national baseball star with her blazing fastball --08/25/2014

Fatal police shooting of unarmed teen focuses national attention on Ferguson, Missouri --08/18/2014

NBA turning point: San Antonio Spurs hire Becky Hammon as assistant coach --08/11/2014

Stay out of tanning booths and limit outdoor sun exposure, the government warns --08/04/2014

Federal agency warns about health risk of Alert Energy and other pure caffeine products --07/28/2014

Israeli response to missiles from Gaza spurs debate over media fairness and balance --07/21/2014

This only sounds like science fiction: Driverless cars roll closer to reality --07/14/2014

Surprise: Some Facebook users were in an experiment they didn’t know about --07/07/2014

New twist in Washington Redskins team name controversy: Trademark status is at risk --06/23/2014

New federal student loan break puts an income-based lid on monthly payments --06/16/2014

Uneasy homecoming: Controversies accompany U.S. soldier’s release by Taliban in Afghanistan --06/09/2014

Michelle Obama, speaking as a mom and as first lady, defends school nutrition rules --06/02/2014

Computer coding gains status as a vital part of education, even in some elementary schools --05/26/2014

Leisure time book reading isn’t a joy for most teens, study shows --05/19/2014

Polio, a nearly eliminated childhood disease, poses new risks in some nations overseas --05/12/2014

Nature’s fury: Tornadoes reshape landscape and lives across the South --05/05/2014

Eyes in the sky might help spot looming sinkhole risks on the ground --04/28/2014

‘Boston Strong’ spirit and strict security mark Monday marathon, shadowed by 2013 blasts --04/21/2014

E-cigarettes spark discussions about health benefits and teen use --04/14/2014

Safety campaign combats distracted driving with dramatic ad, new website and #justdrive tag --04/07/2014

White House posts climate change details at new website as part of push for action --03/31/2014

Even President Obama is caught up in the NCAA basketball tournament’s March Madness --03/24/2014

‘Cosmos’ science series on TV aims to show how ‘we’re all connected’ --03/17/2014

Sweeping changes will make the SAT more relevant and useful, College Board says --03/10/2014

‘My Brother’s Keeper’ is Obama’s name for effort to help at-risk young men --03/03/2014

This season of wicked weather brings above-normal ice coverage on all Great Lakes --02/24/2014

Warm days make the last week of Olympic action in Russia seem like the Spring Games --02/17/2014

Major drugstore chain will stop selling tobacco items as improper for a health retailer --02/10/2014

Get set to cheer skaters, skiers, boarders, bobsledders and other Olympians in Sochi --02/03/2014

Super Bowl brings Seahawks-Broncos showdown outdoors in winter weather --01/27/2014

Outcry in New Jersey: Gov. Chris Christie is in a jam over bridge traffic jams --01/20/2014

Martin Luther King Day next Monday honors his civil rights leadership --01/13/2014

Preview of upcoming tech products: New gaming system, 'smart clothing,' combo laptop-tablet --01/06/2014

GM’s new female leader shows 'women they are valued and they have a shot' at promotions --12/16/2013

Worldwide tributes honor Nelson Mandela, who rose from prisoner to president in South Africa --12/09/2013

Ancient comet that circled the sun could create a bright sky show here --12/02/2013

Dine and dash to mall on Thanksgiving? More stores will open before pumpkin pie is served --11/25/2013

This week marks 50 years since President John F. Kennedy’s assassination --11/18/2013

Even 24-year-old big guys can be bullied, Miami Dolphins player scandal shows --11/11/2013

Concussion risks for teen athletes raise concerns and draw closer attention --11/04/2013

Federal health care website snags turn into hot political issue --10/28/2013

Major League Baseball’s best: Red Sox and Cardinals face off in World Series --10/21/2013

Teen author and education crusader from Pakistan earns wider respect in U.S. visit --10/14/2013

Standoff: Political showdown between president and Republicans in Congress is felt nationwide --10/07/2013

Climate scientists urge actions to ease risks from continued warming, higher ocean levels --09/30/2013

Voyager, a U.S. spacecraft on an epic journey, is first to leave our solar system --09/23/2013

Scary ads help thousands quit smoking --09/16/2013

Spy agencies defeat Internet encryption --09/09/2013

Tablets and smart phones gain wider roles as classroom learning tools --09/02/2013

New cable news network – Al Jazeera America – adds diversity to media --08/26/2013

Close call in Florida shows the power and danger of sinkholes opening on unstable ground --08/19/2013

Sale of Washington Post to Amazon founder reflects newspaper industry changes --08/12/2013

Yankees star Alex Rodriguez is suspended through 2014 by Major League Baseball --08/05/2013

A royal prince is born into a life of castles, glamour, wealth and ceremony --07/29/2013

Rolling Stone cover photo of accused Boston bomber provokes wide criticism --07/22/2013

Not guilty verdict in Trayvon Martin case draws strong reactions --07/15/2013

Supreme Court tosses out part of the Voting Rights Act, adopted in an earlier racial climate --07/08/2013

Doctors call energy drink pitches aimed at youngsters a bad idea --06/24/2013

Fresh population figures show the changing face of America --06/17/2013

U.S. scrutiny of online communication and calls stirs debate over snooping vs. security --06/10/2013

Facebook draws the line: Hateful, nasty posts about women are out of bounds --06/03/2013

Summer brings movie lineup of superheroes, zombies, sci-fi and comedies --05/27/2013

Federal safety board urges tougher drinking-and-driving cutoff limit to match other nations --05/20/2013

Northeast braces for noisy invasion: Flying cicada bugs return after hiding for 17 years --05/13/2013

U.S. military prison at Guantanamo, Cuba, remains a tricky problem for President Obama --05/06/2013

Doctors warn about serious health risks from 'The Cinnamon Challenge' video craze --04/29/2013

Earth Day on April 22 focuses attention on how we can protect the natural environment --04/22/2013

Thousands of past players take on the National Football League over brain injuries --04/15/2013

North Korean missile threats create concern and U.S. show of military force --04/08/2013

South Africa reflects on the huge legacy of Nelson Mandela, hospitalized at 94 --04/01/2013

They come from space: NASA seeks money to spot and deflect risks from large asteroids --03/25/2013

This 'March Madness' basketball tournament season is special – the 75th in history --03/18/2013

Coming soon to your screen: Facebook changes its news feed to give users more content choices --03/11/2013

New era in space: Private company launches resupply mission to orbital station --03/04/2013

Studies of TV viewing in childhood show impact and suggest content matters --02/25/2013

Nominees for Academy Awards next Sunday include 9-year-old girl in her first movie --02/18/2013

Doctors wave caution flag on teen use of Monster, Rockstar, Red Bull or other energy drinks --02/11/2013

This could be the year for a new policy dealing with illegal immigrants, Obama and senators suggest --02/04/2013

Super Bowl sidelights: Brother vs. brother, Alicia Keys, New Orleans pride, Psy, Beyonce --01/28/2013

Coca-Cola works to look like an ally, not a villain, in the national fight against obesity --01/21/2013

Glitzy electronics show unveils next generation of cool gadgets --01/14/2013

Federal school lunch rules are notched back after outcry from students and adults --01/07/2013

Year in review: Election, Olympics, superstorm, iPhone 5 and 'Gangnam Style' are among news highlights --12/17/2012

Brain injury risks from hard hits affect varsity players as well as pros, new study shows --12/10/2012

Egypt's tense transition to democracy: Mass protests fill capital's main square --12/03/2012

Hot for the holidays: Wii U, updated Lazer Tag and tablet computers for students --11/26/2012

It's time to deck the malls with crowds of shoppers – even on Thanksgiving night --11/19/2012

Close look at voters' choices for president reflect changes in U.S. population --11/12/2012

It's time for the most important voices of Election 2012 – voters in every state --11/05/2012

Steady rise in cheerleading injuries leads doctors to urge elevating it to athletic team status --10/29/2012

Romney and Obama compete for support from women, seen as a key to victory Nov. 6 --10/22/2012

Does race have a place in college entry decisions? Supreme Court will decide --10/15/2012

TV newscaster becomes anti-bullying model with reply to mean email about her weight --10/08/2012

Live from three campuses in October: Obama and Romney will debate who should lead us --10/01/2012

Morning lunchtime at some schools feeds gripes by students and parents --09/24/2012

Constitution Day honors timeless principles that have guided America for 225 years --09/17/2012

Social media analysis shows 'digital gap' between presidential rivals Romney and Obama --09/10/2012

Health departments mobilize against mosquito-carried West Nile virus, more widespread than usual --09/03/2012

Mars mission starts with vivid scenes of planet's surface and a test drive of the Curiosity rover --08/27/2012

State voter ID proposals spark debate: Election safeguards or needless obstacles? --08/20/2012

White House campaign gains final candidate: Paul Ryan, the Republican vice-presidential pick --08/13/2012

U.S. swimmers, gymnasts and others boost national pride along with winning Olympic gold --08/06/2012

Voters react to tough sparring by Romney and Obama in presidential campaign --07/30/2012

Thousands of world's top athletes are in London as Summer Olympics start this week --07/23/2012

NASA video and app build excitement about tricky spacecraft landing on Mars --07/16/2012

History comes alive in War of 1812 bicentennial events this summer at forts, harbors and battle sites --07/09/2012

'Brave' stars a screen princess who's ready to brawl, not dance at a dress-up ball --06/25/2012

New limits on Pop Warner football tackling, blocking drills are response to concussion risks --06/18/2012

Lawmakers, police scramble to control risky drug substitutes called Spice, K2 and bath salts --06/11/2012

New York moves to limit soda sizes as anti-obesity step, prompting criticism of ‘nanny mayor’ --06/04/2012

End of school year brings real-life economic lessons as students look for summer jobs --05/28/2012

Population turning point: Nonwhite parents account for more than half of recent U.S. births --05/21/2012

Changing views on same-sex marriage, including Obama's, suggest faster pace of social change --05/14/2012

Does the 'tanning mom' have 'tanorexia'? --05/07/2012

1 in 2 new college graduates are jobless or underemployed --04/30/2012

In three months, the world's top amateur athletes compete at the Summer Olympics --04/23/2012

Earth Day on April 22 brings reminders of how we can protect the natural environment --04/16/2012

Titanic saga still has strong grip a century after the luxury liner sank on its first voyage --04/09/2012

'Bully' film sparks national dialogue with in-your-face reality of harmed students and families --04/02/2012

'Etch A Sketch' remark by Romney campaign aide draws an image that's hard to erase --03/26/2012

'Ladies and gentlemen, let the 74th Hunger Games begin' on screens this week --03/19/2012

With 68 teams picked, March Madness will bounce through the rest of this month --03/12/2012

Republicans who want to be president compete for big bounty on Super Tuesday --03/05/2012

President pushes Privacy Bill of Rights to let us protect online information --02/27/2012

Sudden basketball star Jeremy Lin 'is a good example to kids,' Kobe Bryant says --02/20/2012

New study confirms drop in TV viewing by younger audience members --02/13/2012

User survey confirms Facebook's appeal as it nears big milepost: first stock sale --02/06/2012

Super Bowl brings Giants-Patriots rematch and a first-time boost for Indianapolis --01/30/2012

Congress retreats from Internet piracy bills after fierce outcry --01/23/2012

Be polite and safe: Stash your phone while walking or during other activities --01/16/2012

Tech newcomers of 2012 are introduced this week at Consumer Electronics Show --01/09/2012

Ready, set, caucus: Iowa Republicans make first voter decisions of 2012 presidential campaign --01/02/2012

Person of the Year and other 2011 'best' lists are out: Let the debates begin --12/19/2011

Pick cereal that's less sugary than cookies or a Twinkie, health advisers suggest --12/12/2011

No shot in the arm: Are parents wise or unwise to opt out of vaccines? --12/05/2011

Anxious retailers and shoppers create Black Friday frenzy --11/28/2011

School bullying claims more victims --11/21/2011

Presidential campaign debates show Republicans' differences and one hopeful's forgetfulness --11/14/2011

Dad's videotaped rage spurs discussion of when physical punishment is abuse --11/07/2011

President's college loan relief plan spurs debate: Fair or too generous? --10/31/2011

Where the wild things are: Ohio scare focuses attention on large, fierce animals kept as pets --10/24/2011

Peanut allergy experiments bring hope for those who must avoid risky foods --10/17/2011

Was media coverage of 'Occupy Wall Street' blacked out, or did it just evolve? --10/10/2011

Where do Americans mostly turn for local news? It depends on what we want to know, study shows --10/03/2011

Postal Service rescue ideas include weekday-only 'snail mail' and fewer post offices --09/26/2011

Government wants tighter online privacy safeguards for pre-teens --09/19/2011

Clues sent by Mars 'dune buggy' excite NASA scientists --09/12/2011

10th anniversary of Sept. 11 attacks brings ceremonies and discussions nationwide this week --09/05/2011

Hurricane Irene, even while weakening, prompts storm of intense coverage --08/29/2011

Dictionary update shows how English evolves to include woot, noob and upcycle --08/22/2011

Former Michigan factory worker named U.S. poet laureate --08/15/2011

The deficit, the debt, downgraded credit rating -- It's complicated! --08/08/2011

Bill Gates' charity project focuses on new types of toilets for Third World health --08/01/2011

Borders chain failure is tied partly to how we read and buy books now --07/25/2011

Harry Potter fans jam theaters for lavishly praised 'Deathly Hallows, Part 2' --07/18/2011

Phone-hacking British tabloid newspaper becomes too sensational to survive spreading scandal --07/11/2011

Upcoming shuttle launch closes a 34-year chapter of U.S. space exploration --06/27/2011

Droopy drawers bring athlete's arrest and new discussion of hot-button topics --06/20/2011

Facebook's new face-recognition ability goes too far, critics say --06/13/2011

Health researchers send a cellphone message for everyone: There may be a cancer risk --06/06/2011

Job-hunting remains a challenge, even for new college graduates --05/30/2011

Ronald McDonald -- friend or foe? Depends who's asked --05/23/2011

Rising water uproots rural Louisiana residents in Mississippi River drama that will continue --05/16/2011

World Press Freedom Day highlights journalists' struggles --05/09/2011

World reacts to the death of bin Laden --05/02/2011

We're invited to (watch) a young British couple's wedding blowout --04/25/2011

Can the U.S. afford to keep borrowing more? The answer is trickier than you may think --04/18/2011

Congress eases back from edge of shutdown -- stay tuned to budget action this week --04/11/2011

Teen sexting creates tricky issues for law enforcers and lawmakers --04/04/2011

Census results reshape election districts in 'game of musical chairs' that unseats some politicians --03/28/2011

March Madness, supersized, heads toward 'Sweet 16' games this week --03/21/2011

Quakes, tsunami, nuclear crises: Japan's nightmare deepens --03/14/2011

Even distasteful military funeral protesters have free speech rights, Supreme Court affirms --03/07/2011

Worker protests against Wisconsin governor bring comparisons that stretch to Mideast --02/28/2011

Borders store closings across U.S. show impact of books and music moving from shelves to screens --02/21/2011

Intense media spotlight keeps global eyes on Egypt at critical time --02/14/2011

In-depth TV news reports from Egypt by Al Jezeera earn wider respect for Arab network --02/07/2011

Egypt protests create historic turning point for Mideast and Arab neighbors --01/31/2011

Answer: A computer that beat two humans at Jeopardy!
Question: What is Watson?

Tucson shootings, though not linked directly to vitriol, bring calls to keep debates civil --01/17/2011

Word change in Mark Twain books revives debate about literature, language, race --01/10/2011

2011 preview: Headlines will include these singers, actors, politicians and events --01/03/2011

More holiday greetings are sent with clicks, not stamps --12/20/2010

Xbox Kinect is a hot holiday gift; new games also aim at Wii and PS3 players --12/13/2010

Secrets spilled by WikiLeaks pose openness vs. ethics questions --12/06/2010

Tired of all the holiday shopping hype? But wait, there's more! --11/29/2010

Royal romance: Prince William wedding plans touch emotions beyond Britain --11/22/2010

Study of high school students links heavy texting and harmful behaviors --11/15/2010

California city aims at Happy Meals in nutrition push: 'Food cops' or health defenders? --11/08/2010

Election outcomes this week will shape national, state and local policies --11/01/2010

Obama takes science education message to Mythbusters show on TV - and that's a proven fact --10/25/2010

Gap chain returns to square one, literally, after howls over logo switch --10/18/2010

More obese teens are turning to a radical stomach surgery --10/11/2010

Rutgers student's suicide again spotlights the consequences of cyberbullying --10/04/2010

Facebook status updates -- in theaters, on Oprah, on richest Americans list --09/27/2010

Concussions among young basketball players show dramatic increase --09/20/2010

Even some media insiders feel 'hijacked' by pastor's Koran-burning threat --09/13/2010

Hearing-loss message is clear: Dial down the volume --09/06/2010

Debate over Islamic mosque near ground zero shows sensitivity of words --08/30/2010

Christian or Muslim? President's faith is fuzzy to a growing share of Americans --08/23/2010

Tech tools are cool for school, students and educators agree --08/16/2010

Turning a page: E-books move from margin to mainstream --08/09/2010

What online 'facts' can you trust? Don't let Google be your guide to credibility --08/02/2010

Turning point for Arizona immigration law is watched nationwide --07/26/2010

Mega-food trend continues with the debut of a foot-long cheeseburger --07/19/2010

Add your scenes to 'Life in a Day' documentary -- new YouTube project --07/12/2010

Is cheerleading a sport? A court in Connecticut hears arguments --06/28/2010

Today's news is delivered on YouTube by mainstream media and consumers like you --06/21/2010

Month-long World Cup matches put soccer, the most popular sport, on screens everywhere --06/14/2010

Baseball umpire's imperfect call brings home winning examples of sportsmanship --06/07/2010

Landlines, emails and even voice calls are losers in personal communication revolution --05/31/2010

Final shuttle landing this week ends a manned space flight era --05/24/2010

Impact of Gulf of Mexico oil blowout widens as it flows into second month --05/17/2010

The world's a-Twitter. But for teens? Not so much --05/10/2010

Arizona law creates 'citizenship police' and amplifies immigration debate --05/03/2010

Volcano and oil rig sinking have impact that can be severe and widespread --04/26/2010

Earth Day 2010 marks 40 years of work to assure cleaner air, water, land --04/19/2010

'Sexting' is lewd and crude -- but should it be a felony crime? --04/12/2010

Tragic bullying lesson: Harassment and a lack of help results in death and criminal charges --04/05/2010

Winning continues off the field for female athletes, new studies show --03/29/2010

Census results will help shape our communities for the next 10 years --03/22/2010

One sport, 65 teams, no medals: NCAA Tournament is the Olympics of college basketball --03/15/2010

Paralympic Games showcase athletes with extraordinary abilities --03/08/2010

Damage spreads when writers use the Net to plagiarize --03/01/2010

Common sense and caution are vital to separate online 'news' facts from fakery --02/22/2010

'Let's Move' to shape up and combat childhood obesity, Michelle Obama urges --02/15/2010

Winter Olympics showcase skills, speed on snow and ice --02/08/2010

Super Bowl swells 'fan' ranks this Sunday -- and not just for football --02/01/2010

Apple presents next must-have device: hand-held tablet --01/25/2010

Digital outreach and social media help Haiti earthquake survivors --01/18/2010

Electronics event unveils next-gen TVs, games, phones, ear buds, other tech updates --01/11/2010

Air terrorism close call spurs urgent U.S. security reviews --01/04/2010

Media and news consumers pick most important events of 2009 --12/21/2009

E-reader choices widen appeal of magazines, books, school texts in new format --12/14/2009

World leaders meet in Denmark to focus on global warming responses --12/07/2009

In-store sales inch up as Internet sales surge --11/30/2009

Devoted Twilighters celebrate New Moon, the movie --11/23/2009

Nearly half of teens admit to texting while driving --11/16/2009

Veterans Day has somber new reminder of military losses at Fort Hood --11/09/2009

White House and Fox News dispute what's fair, what's foul --11/02/2009

TV shows set an example of volunteer service in new crusade --10/26/2009

'Balloon Boy' saga raises questions about parents -- and news media --10/19/2009

Obama's Nobel prize stirs up intense reactions --10/12/2009

Fearful parents wary of swine flu vaccine --10/05/2009

Twitter opens new two-way path for journalists to report and receive news --09/28/2009

3 prominent adults break behavior rules: Show respect, don't interrupt --09/21/2009

Constitution Day honors the document that defines who we are --09/14/2009

President's video lesson for students also teaches about politics --09/07/2009

Back-to-school list: Tissues, hand sanitizer, H1N1 flu shot --08/31/2009

Wireless eReaders bring opportunities and optimism to newspapers --08/24/2009

Driver's Ed lesson for all ages: Txting + Vehicles = Unsafe --08/17/2009

Woodstock 40th anniversary: '3 days of peace and music' still echo --08/10/2009

Harvard professor's arrest sharpens the focus on race relations --08/03/2009

New dictionary shows our changing vocabulary 'footprint' (noun - impact) --07/27/2009

'One small step' onto the moon in 1969 still stands as a giant leap --07/20/2009

Will Pottermania fade in the Twilight era? --07/13/2009

Readers and journalists groan under a glut of celebrity news --06/29/2009

'Citizen journalists' help Iran protest news get past government restrictions --06/22/2009

GM, Chrysler roll in new directions without hundreds of dealers --06/15/2009

Old-school TV stations finish switch to digital era this week --06/08/2009

Historic Supreme Court nominee heads to Senate hearings --06/01/2009

Facebook show and tell can sabotage college admission --05/25/2009

Hubble Telescope repaired by ultimate geek squad: NASA crew --05/18/2009

Job opening, experience required: U.S. Supreme Court justice --05/11/2009

Flu jitters shut schools, spread concern and mobilize health officials --05/04/2009

Online videos draw more eyes as content keeps expanding -- and making news --04/27/2009

Earth Day brings reminders of progress -- and environmental challenges --04/20/2009

National TV Turnoff encourages plugging into other activities --04/13/2009

Facebook and Twitter show how social networking is changing the Net and communication --04/06/2009

Earth Hour's environmental message was seen in the dark --03/30/2009

First Family plants vegetable garden at a greener White House --03/23/2009

Game on: Follow the college basketball thrills of March Madness --03/16/2009

Daily papers cope with challenges to avoid being an endangered species --03/09/2009

Pentagon opens fallen soldiers' homecoming ceremonies to media --03/02/2009

Chris Brown-Rihanna fight shines light on dating dangers --02/23/2009

Peanut safety scare raises wider concerns about our food --02/16/2009

Obama era reopens questions about value of Black History Month --02/09/2009

Wikipedia tries to step closer to slippery goal: trust in its accuracy --02/02/2009

Pain in print: Major newspapers fight for survival --01/26/2009

Inaugural ceremony, celebrations open new era in Washington, D.C. --01/19/2009

The Auto Show goes on in Detroit -- with signs of changing times --01/12/2009

'Maverick', 'Green' and 'Bailout' top the list of words banished for overuse in 2008 --01/05/2009

Look ahead to headline topics for 2009 --12/22/2008

Have yourself a thrifty little Christmas -- with priceless memories --12/15/2008

Economic recession becomes official -- if any doubt existed --12/08/2008

Troubled U.S. car companies ask for federal help --12/01/2008

More fear than cheer for retailers this holiday season --11/24/2008

'Mom-in-Chief' Michelle Obama brings fresh approach to new era at White House --11/17/2008

More than presidency will change with young family in White House --11/10/2008

Election '08: Voters write historic chapter by electing African American president --11/03/2008

Americans prepare for election sure to be historic --10/27/2008

Good grade rewards from schools: Bonus or bribe? --10/20/2008

Wall Street roller coaster keeps U.S. on scary ride --10/13/2008

iReport reminds us: Don't believe everything you read online --10/06/2008

Blog boom enlivens media landscape --09/29/2008

Tragic lesson: ppl shudnt txt n drive --09/22/2008

New super collider has huge WOW factor - and a 'Big Bang' --09/15/2008

Teen pregnancy issue hits home for national candidate --09/08/2008

Live from St. Paul: Meet the Republican ticket --09/01/2008

Partying and politics: Democrats nominate Obama for president --08/25/2008

Need vs. want: First test of school year is what to buy --08/18/2008

Olympic stars of Summer '08 shine in Beijing --08/11/2008

Our language flexes and stretches, dictionary update shows --08/04/2008

Cell phone companies value teens as a 'golden' market --07/28/2008

Some environment 'news' can pollute your brain --07/21/2008

On your mark, get set . . . for the Summer Olympics --07/14/2008

Gulp 'n go light breakfast may backfire with weight gain --07/07/2008

Look where some teens get alcoholic drinks --06/30/2008

Mars discovery brings out of this world excitement --06/23/2008

Click to play: Online videos attract viewers of all ages --06/16/2008

Summer fun goal: Fewer trips to gas pump --06/09/2008

Bloggers may get a health boost, researchers say --06/02/2008

Is there a learning gap between boys and girls in school? --05/26/2008

:-( TXT TLK uncool 4 skul --05/19/2008

Do we need government 'baby-sitters' for health? --05/12/2008

New game draws familiar fire: Grand Theft Auto series targeted again --05/05/2008

World Press Freedom Day spotlights an essential right --04/28/2008

Earth Day brings reminders of environmental gains and challenges --04/21/2008

Scrabble F-U-N turns into F-I-G-H-T over Facebook version --04/14/2008

British magazines draw flak over 'enhanced' photos that give models 'perfect' bodies --04/07/2008

Cyber censors block web news and videos in some nations --03/30/2008

Lights will go dark during Earth Hour this Saturday --03/24/2008

Online gender gap separates girls (No. 1) from boys in three areas --03/17/2008

For many music fans, CDs are so last century --03/10/2008

'Superdelegates' could swing Clinton-Obama campaign outcome --03/03/2008

Huge beef recall raises issues of food safety and animal care --02/25/2008

Fans have new ways to catch March Madness online --02/18/2008

World health experts launch anti-smoking crusade --02/11/2008

MySpace spreads in new directions to stay ahead of Facebook --02/04/2008

24 states vote for presidential candidates Feb. 5 on Super Tuesday --01/28/2008

Detroit Auto Show plugs in next-generation cars --01/21/2008

New 'geek gear' unveiled at two electronics shows --01/14/2008

You'll see news from these cities during 2008 --01/07/2008

Iowa, New Hampshire are presidential campaign year launch pads --12/31/2007

W00t's up! Gaming word goes mainstream --12/17/2007

Popular new items spice holiday gift season --12/10/2007

Planet's environment is focus of global climate conference --12/03/2007

Online tracking by marketers draws federal attention --11/26/2007

Ready, set, shop: Holiday sprint starts this week --11/19/2007

TV and film writers strike over pay for video streaming and downloads --11/12/2007

Martial law crackdown in Pakistan creates concern in U.S. --11/05/2007

Southern California wildfires affect families, animals, economy --10/29/2007

'Superbug' germ provokes concern and cleanups --10/22/2007

Illegal music downloads bring huge penalty --10/15/2007

Freedom of Speech Week is timely reminder of democracy at work --10/08/2007

YouTube gets more competition as online videos expand --10/01/2007

Kid Nation TV show provokes ethical and quality criticisms --09/24/2007

Law for teen drivers spreads around U.S.: Keep hands on wheel, off phone --09/17/2007

IPhone price cut: iRate owners, iSorry Apple --09/10/2007

10 years later, Diana still reigns as "Princess of Sales" --09/03/2007

Billions of water bottles create environmental concerns --08/27/2007

Toy recalls expand concern about 'Made in China' items --08/20/2007

With teacher aboard, space shuttle is an orbiting classroom --08/13/2007

Sports scandals test fans’ faith this summer --08/06/2007

Woo-hoo! The Simpsons play on a larger screen --07/30/2007

Marketers limit 'junk food' commercials aimed at kids --07/23/2007

Superstar David Beckham's arrival gives soccer a boost in the U.S. --07/16/2007

Get set for new Harry Potter adventures in print and on screen --07/09/2007

Live Earth concerts will spread awareness of global warming --06/25/2007

Online privacy gets new test from Google cameras --06/18/2007

Apple's long-awaited iPhone debuts June 29 --06/11/2007

Movie rating change aims at shielding young viewers from smoking scenes --06/04/2007

Wireless company name change shows importance of 'branding' --05/28/2007

Top online search engine gets more convenient --05/21/2007

Tougher vehicle mileage rules gain new life --05/14/2007

The battle of the bulb: fluorescents vs incandescents --05/07/2007

Limits on TV violence gain momentum in Washington --04/30/2007

Earth Day is reminder of environmental gains and goals --04/23/2007

Radio insults by Don Imus provoke national dialogue --04/16/2007

Publishers struggle to control online reader comments --04/09/2007

President and Congress clash over Justice Department dismissals --04/02/2007

Pet-food poisoning case outrages -- and scares -- pet owners across North America --03/26/2007

College basketball fans are swept up by March Madness --03/19/2007

Military hospital conditions provoke anger and action --03/12/2007

Nutrition proposals reopen 'diet police' debate --03/05/2007

New tactics for old tool: Headlines get Web-savvy rewrites --02/26/2007

TV violence critics urge federal limits on gore and gunplay --02/19/2007

Do new laws regulate our lives too much? --02/12/2007

Presidential campaign gets an early, crowded start --02/05/2007

Super Bowl entertains, sells and fills screens this week --01/29/2007

Camera phones change news-gathering --01/22/2007

Electronics makers show off new phones, TVs, players, other 'toys' --01/15/2007

Detroit auto show previews cars of the future --01/08/2007

Pro video gaming earns TV coverage --01/01/2007

Holiday countdown: Make a list, check it twice . . . --12/18/2006

New weapons are deployed in battle against junk e-mail --12/11/2006

Newspapers expand role to keep pace with changing times --12/04/2006

Cyber Monday kicks off the online holiday shopping season --11/27/2006

Get ready, get set . . . for the holidays --11/20/2006

Look what’s cooking: A better food oil --11/13/2006

U.S. elections are this week's hottest topic --11/06/2006

New-generation video game players land soon --10/30/2006

World Series makes everyone a baseball fan --10/23/2006

Time capsule for our age goes digital --10/16/2006

New Internet gambling law reflects growing concern --10/09/2006

Spinach scare draws attention to food safety --10/02/2006

Baseball steroids case raises First Amendment issues --09/25/2006

Constitution Day celebrates enduring American principles --09/18/2006

9/11 anniversary tugs emotions, feeds debates --09/11/2006

New CBS anchor makes TV news history --09/06/2006

U.S. Open fashions create buzz beyond tennis fans --09/04/2006

Online short videos grab huge audience for YouTube --08/28/2006

Security jitters revive ethnic profiling concerns --08/21/2006

Terror plot brings new air travel fears --08/14/2006

U.S. voters pick candidates for November ballots --08/07/2006

Sizzling summer draws attention to global warming trend --07/31/2006

Blogs have wider impact as an information source --07/24/2006

MySpace surge shows social networking popularity --07/17/2006

Push grows for ethanol as alternative vehicle fuel --07/10/2006

Whale hunting: Culture vs. Conservation --06/26/2006

Journalists' expulsion from Guantanamo renews debate over government secrecy --06/19/2006

Government asks restaurants to help in the fight against obesity --06/12/2006

Smoking bans reach Canada, Kenya, China --06/05/2006

Baseball copes with Barry Bonds and the stigma of steroids --05/29/2006

Explore the meaning of Memorial Day through news stories --05/22/2006

Newspaper editorials slam the government's phone snooping --05/15/2006

Sugary soft drinks won’t be sold in schools --05/08/2006

Gasoline price surge rocks families, economy and politics --05/01/2006

Movie downloads are latest entertainment advance --04/24/2006

Mumps epidemic hits the Midwest --04/17/2006

New 9/11 movie scrapes sensitivities --04/10/2006

U.S. immigration bill critics take it to the streets --04/03/2006

Apple anniversary is milepost on tech highway --03/27/2006

Media chain sale shows value of diverse news sources --03/20/2006

Events mark Freedom of Information Act’s 40th anniversary --03/13/2006

Oscars aren't just about films --03/06/2006

The first World Baseball Classic opens this week --02/27/2006

Cheney hunting accident leads to flap over information delay --02/20/2006

Skiers, skaters, snowboarders, sledders compete in Olympics --02/13/2006

Muslim cartoons provoke debate over faith and freedom --02/06/2006

Super Bowl goes way beyond football --01/30/2006

Canada vote determines who'll be prime minister --01/23/2006

Howard Stern satellite debut is part of radio revolution --01/16/2006

Mine news mistake embarrasses media --01/09/2006

Extra second keeps clocks in sync --01/02/2006

Is the government spying on you? Is there anything wrong with that? --12/19/2005

Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays --12/12/2005

Video game makers allow parents to control what kids see when gaming --12/05/2005

Cyber Monday is becoming one of the biggest online shopping days of the year --11/28/2005

Your privacy vs. your protection shapes the debates as the Patriot Act comes up for renewal --11/21/2005

President heads for China --11/14/2005

Presidents and the second-term curse --10/31/2005

2005 hurricane season continues to set records --10/24/2005

Women in power: From Germany to the U.S. the political landscape is changing --10/17/2005

A flood of bankruptcies signals trouble in major industries --10/10/2005

The latest classroom battleground: Darwin vs. Intelligent Design --10/03/2005

Can't our technology stop a hurricane? --09/26/2005

Is the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional? --09/19/2005

Supreme Court focuses on the Constitution --09/12/2005

Soaring gas prices will affect you, too --09/05/2005

Coping in the aftermath of Katrina --08/31/2005

A mother's anti-war protest draws attention --08/29/2005

Opinion polls show support for the war in Iraq is fading --08/22/2005

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