Want to become a Colorado Kids Reporter? Here’s how!

Our youth journalism program provides an opportunity for students under the age of 14 to join a community of writers, have a forum, increase their writing and photography skills, review products, books and movies, and share ideas with other youth.

We mentor the reporters as writers and photographers and provide periodic workshops. Reporters post their stories and photos to our youth journalism website.

There is NO CHARGE to participate. There are no minimum or maximum levels of participation. Reporters (& their families) decide how much time to commit.

If you would like the chance to write about events and people in Colorado and to review books, toys, games and movies here is your chance. Get your application in and join us!

Here is what you need to send to us:

  • ✓ A completed “Reporter Contract / Application
  • ✓ A letter from you telling us why you’d like to be a CK Reporter
  • ✓ One sample of your very best nonfiction writing
  • ✓ A letter of recommendation from a teacher

Fill out the form, include the other items and mail or email to:

Denver Post
Attn: CK Reporter
5990 N. Washington St.
Denver, CO 80216
(office) 303-954-3974