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China’s “zero-Covid” strategy targets hamsters

Australia deports unvaccinated tennis champ

Russia leads troops into strife-torn Kazakhstan

Webb telescope heads for a special spot a million miles from Earth

Kentucky hardest hit as tornadoes leave dozens dead

Suspect’s parents also charged in Michigan school shooting

World scrambles to cope with coronavirus variant first seen in Botswana

Flooding strands thousands in British Columbia

Austria orders lockdown for the unvaccinated

Tanker explosion kills scores in Sierra Leone

Climate crisis brings world leaders to Scotland

Poaching tied to tuskless elephants in Mozambique

5 killed by bow-and-arrow attack in Norway

Lebanon slips into darkness as electricity grid shuts down

‘Squid Game’ sparks talk about inequality in South Korea

Volcanic eruption rocks Canary Islands

Faeroe Islands dolphin slaughter sparks debate over tradition

Pope Francis visiting impoverished Roma quarter in Slovakia

Hungry monkeys raid homes on Bali in Indonesia

Persian Gulf first stop for many Afghan evacuees

2 Pakistani children killed by bomb aimed at Chinese workers

Sicily reports highest temperature ever recorded in Europe

Thousands flee wildfires in Greece and Turkey

First group of interpreters fleeing Afghanistan arrive in U.S.

Death rates soar in Southeast Asia as virus wave spreads

Hunger and despair fuel rare protests in Cuba

Gunmen kill the president of Haiti in his bedroom

Collapse of condominium tower stuns Florida

Chocolate makers protected from lawsuit over child slavery in Ivory Coast

Nicaragua arrests opponents to president

Did a ‘killer robot’ attack soldiers in Libya?

China tests emotion-detection software on Uyghurs

Uruguay shows how to teach online in pandemic

Scores killed in Gaza as Israeli-Palestinian violence explodes

Dozens killed and hurt when rail bridge collapses in Mexico

Bulgaria probes for Russian link to explosions

India COVID-19 patients suffocate amid oxygen shortage

Russia masses troops and tanks on its border with Ukraine

Jordan’s king signals end to royal family feud

Ontario imposes third COVID-19 lockdown as cases surge

Many in Italy stay afloat by faking it on Amazon

Vietnam gets permission to sell edible insects to Europe

Brazil hospitals pushed to limit as COVID-19 death toll soars

Iceland shaken by a ‘swarm’ of earthquakes

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince tied to killing journalist

Bosnian villagers cheer as NASA lands rover on Mars

France sees baby bust after COVID-19 lockdown

Myanmar falls to a military coup d’etat

Taiwan warned that independence 'means war'

Sri Lanka official who promoted 'Covid syrup' tests positive

Joe the pigeon is spared the death sentence in Australia

Billions in ‘Brexit compensation’ demanded for Scotland

Volcano alerts issued on 2 islands in the Lesser Antilles

Mount Everest is 3 feet taller, says Nepal

Honduras president seeks storm aid and warns of migration surge

North Korea’s leader reported worried about COVID-19 and Biden

Ireland responds quickly to save a beloved zoo

Ethiopia conflict spills over its border

Denmark will kill all of its farmed mink because of coronavirus

Earthquake in Aegean Sea hits feuding neighbors

Dozens die in police brutality protests in Nigeria

2 West African presidents reject term limits

13 charged in plot to kidnap Michigan governor

Malta lets 7-year-old prince keep his shark’s tooth

Pandemic strands Pacific islanders 2,600 miles away from home

Caribbean nation of Barbados plans to fire the queen

Fires ravage refugee camp on Greece’s island of Lesbos

African migrants head for Canary Islands

Russians hold war games in the Bering Sea

Wisconsin and North Carolina lose convention booms to pandemic

United Arab Emirates agrees to ties with Israel

Lebanon’s people blame political leaders for massive explosion

Thousands in Germany protest coronavirus restrictions

California becomes the state hit hardest by Covid-19

Georgia's governor bars cities, counties from requiring face masks

Thailand denies monkeys are abused to harvest coconuts

Giant dust plume sweeps in from Sahara Desert

U.S. warns of pirates in the Gulf of Mexico

Statue of king who brutalized Congo is removed in Belgium

Peru is running out of oxygen for coronavirus patients

Protests over Minnesota death spread across nation

Bay of Bengal spawns another deadly cyclone

Top fugitive in Rwanda’s genocide is arrested

South Africa’s lockdown reveals a deadly habit

Canada bans assault-style weapons after Nova Scotia massacre

El Salvador authorizes use of lethal force against gangs

Melting ice reveals ancient Viking trade route in Norway

Boy in Estonia led neo-Nazis tied to bomb plots

NATO welcomes North Macedonia

U.S. charges Venezuela’s president with drug trafficking

U.S. charges Venezuela’s president with drug trafficking

Finland is still the ‘happiest’ nation

Syria’s civil war enters 10th year

Police fire tear gas at migrants on Greece-Turkey border

Gunfight between Haiti police and soldiers ends Carnival

Croatia’s attorney general steps down for being a Freemason

Russia trying to take over Belarus, leader says

New high temperature reported in Antarctica

Britain leaves the European Union

China locks down 50 million people as new virus spreads