Deal ends ‘whiskey war’ over a tiny island near Greenland

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The news media shape how we see and understand the world around us. With its new video series, NBCU Academy takes a deep dive into what it means to be in a journalist today, how the industry is evolving, and how the next generation can help.

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How well do you keep up with the world around you? Take this week’s quiz to test your knowledge of recent national and world events.

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Tap the wealth of information in your newspaper as a teaching tool:

Yellowstone Park flooding is reminder of long-term climate change impacts, experts say

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NASA's Night Sky Network

A monthly column on the latest space discoveries and technologies for elementary students (Updated Monthly)

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What is crypto and why did it crash?

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Diversity, multiculturalism, worldwide events. You'll find plenty for classroom discussions in this listing of events.


Daily Science Webcasts

Daily Science Audio webcasts: An exclusive partnership with Pulse of the Planet, updated daily with two-minute sound portraits of Planet Earth. Tracking the rhythms of nature, culture and science worldwide, blending interviews with extraordinary natural sounds.

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This week's word in the news: MUCKRAKER

A person who searches for and tries to expose real or alleged corruption, scandal, or other wrongdoing, especially in politics.

While the political action committee – American muckrakers – spread a video in which Cawthorn was identifiable, its claims against Boebert, of Silt, are much more tenuous.
The Denver Post -- 06/20/2022

Distance Learning

WEDU and PBS are here to support teachers, students and families during these challenging times. To help address the need for quality distance learning resources, this page has been updated with information about a new statewide PBS initiative to broadcast weekday At-Home Learning programming for school-age groups on WEDU along with standards-driven lesson plans from PBS LearningMedia that correlate with each broadcast.

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Use the News by the USF Stavros Center in collaboration with Tampa Bay Times Newspaper in Education program and Florida Press Educational Services.

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Celebrating Newspaper in Education Week and Exploring Media Literacy

Newspaper in Education (NIE) Week is commemorated and celebrated annually during the first full school week in March. NIE is an international program that encourages the use of the daily newspaper as a “living textbook” for students from primary through adult education levels. Research shows that students who learn using the newspaper as an educational resource are more likely to become lifelong readers and informed and engaged citizens. Please join Jodi Pushkin, manager of the Tampa Bay Times Newspaper in Education program, to explore media literacy in celebration of NIE Week 2022. During the webinar, we will explore using the newspaper in the classroom, examining strategies to weed out “fake news,” and focusing on ways to read like a detective and write like a reporter.

Celebrating Newspaper in Education Week and Exploring Media Literacy

  • Date: Thursday, March 3, 2022
  • Time: 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
  • WEBINAR via Zoom

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