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For Grades 5-8 , week of June 24, 2024


The Washington Post had a new editor, Robert Winnett, lined up but he decided not to take the job after concerns were raised about his ethics. He was supposed to lead the main news team, while another team focused on making money from journalism. The Post's CEO announced Winnett's decision and said they'll find someone else for the job soon. The newspaper has been struggling financially and trying to make changes to keep up with the news industry. Read more online or in your newspaper about the changes Winnett proposed at the newspaper and how the staff reacted to his ideas. Then, write a summary of this story, including reasons why Winnett wasn’t welcomed with open arms by the paper’s existing staff.


In the Philippines, Governor Hermilando Mandanas, a strong supporter of natural gas power, is linked to companies set to profit from its expansion, according to an Associated Press investigation. Mandanas, who owns a significant stake in a real estate firm, saw its value soar as energy companies moved into the area he promoted. Critics argue this poses conflicts of interest, violating ethics laws. The expansion, despite its economic benefits, raises environmental concerns and risks to local fishing communities and coral reefs. Mandanas denies any wrongdoing, emphasizing the benefits of natural gas for national development. Using further research of this story, write a two-column list that compares why this alleged conflict of interest could be a concern for the country or not.


Two activists in England were arrested for spraying orange powder on Stonehenge, a famous ancient site. They did this to highlight the climate impact of using fossil fuels. The incident happened just before the summer solstice, a significant day when many people visit Stonehenge to mark the longest day of the year. The organization that takes care of Stonehenge quickly cleaned up the powder, worried it could harm the ancient stones and rare lichen growing on them. The activists, part of a group called Just Stop Oil, said they wanted to draw attention to stopping new oil and gas projects. They chose Stonehenge because it's a symbol of what our ancestors left us and what we're leaving for future generations. The protest disrupted the solstice celebrations for some people who see Stonehenge as spiritually important. British leaders criticized the activists, calling their actions disgraceful and pathetic. The protesters face serious charges for damaging a historic monument. This isn't the first time Just Stop Oil has protested; they've also made headlines for protests at museums and even at a London airport where they painted a celebrity's private jet. Do you think acts of protest like this one are valuable to the protestor’s cause, like bringing attention to climate change in this case? Write an opinion article that shares your perspective on this issue.


The U.S. government admitted for the first time that building dams in the Pacific Northwest has harmed Native American tribes. These dams flooded tribal villages, devastated salmon populations, and affected the tribes' culture and economy. Despite attempts to fix the damage, salmon remain threatened or endangered. President Biden's administration aims to restore salmon runs and work with tribes, but some oppose removing dams due to concerns about jobs and energy. Tribes welcome the acknowledgment but want action to restore salmon and honor treaty rights. Using research about the United States’ complicated history with native tribes, write an article that summarizes this issue and why it was significant that the U.S. acknowledged its wrongdoing in this matter.


U.S. regulators have taken legal action against Adobe, accusing the company of making it hard for people to cancel subscriptions to software like Photoshop. The Justice Department filed a lawsuit claiming Adobe hid details about a costly cancellation fee in fine print and difficult-to-find sections of its website. This move is part of a broader effort by regulators to enforce rules against tech companies that make it challenging for customers to end their subscriptions. Adobe denies the allegations and plans to defend itself in court. The lawsuit targets Adobe’s suite of popular design software and involves top executives from the company. If you had to write an article about this topic, consider what kind of angle you would use to approach the story and what sources you would turn to. Write an outline of your article along with a list of sources and the questions you would ask each.